Three Rivers Garden Club

                                                                                  Rome, Georgia

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A dynamic garden club in the north Georgia foothills AND AT THE CONFLUENCE OF THREE RIVERS

                        A SPLENDID NEW YEAR FOR THREE RIVERS
                                                                  WELCOME TO OUR WEB SITE
                                                         A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT
As I wrote back in the spring about the simple creature called the beaver, I referred it to as a metaphor of getting the job completed.  We, as your new leaders, want to serve with those transparent eyelids as we guide the Three Rivers Garden Club through the year.  The former officers of Three Rivers Garden Club have set the pace.  You have chosen a resplendent slate of officers for 2013 - 2015.  They have worked hard this summer to have things ready for the September meeting.  They will serve with creativity, grace, and dignity.  Three Rivers set precedence of excellent leadership during the past years.  The 2013 - 2015 officers wish to continue with that tradition.  We look forward to the work and fellowship that can be had together.  Three Rivers Garden Club leadership team hopes to have eyes with transparent eyelids as the beaver.  Our goal is to glide through the waters whether they are smooth or troubled.  We will be at home in our own setting.
                                                                       Civic Improvement Project
he Rome Visitor's Center is the Civic Improvement Project for Three Rivers Garden Club.  During each season of the year,
   we make sure that there is always beauty as the Center sits nestled on Jackson Hill in the middle of Rome, Georgia.  This
   project was awarded First Place in the Parks Division and Overall First Place in May, 2013.  We are proud to do our part to
                                                                                       Keep Rome Beautiful!

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